A series of regex-writing challenges.
A series of XSS challenges: here's some unsafe code; exploit it! Shortest code wins.
I needed some valid SWF files with constrained character sets for an injection PoC. Putting them here in case someone else needs some.
PHP has finally taken the plunge into the 1960s by implementing GOTO. Here's an implementation for Java.

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This is my Java port of an old DOS shareware game.

If you type your name before you begin, it will remember what levels you have completed. Press Enter to skip a level for now (you can have two skipped levels at any time), and Esc to restart the current level if you get stuck.

I couldn't find a sufficiently old Java compiler to recompile it, so it requires at least Java 1.2.

If you're stuck, have a look at sspoke and user122aa's video walkthroughs on YouTube.