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XTerm Colors

This is a small script to make xterms distinguishable from one another, by shifting the color map of each terminal window ever so subtly in a random direction.

This is useful if your window manager feels that actual, visible borders are for hoi polloi.

The actual escape codes used, if that's what you're looking for, is

    # example only!

    echo -ne "\033]4;7;#60A7EE\007"    # set color 7 to #60a7ee
    echo -ne "\033]10;#d00d1e\007"     # set foreground color
    echo -ne "\033]11;#1D1075\007"     # set background color

Here's a screenshot of a few xterms with and without coloring:

To try it, download the file below, then type

chmod 755 xtfix

Then, if you like it, add it to your path (/usr/local/bin) and your .bash_profile.


use strict;

# The command line arguments are:

#   xtfix 004000         set bgcol to greenish
#   xtfix 000000 555555  set bgcol to a random color between the two given values
#   xtfix -r             reset the terminal (useful after 'cat /bin/sh' :-)
#   xtfix -f4            choose font size (3-6 are ok)

# Default args (subtle random shade, reset, font 4):

my $args = "@ARGV" || "080808 202020 -r -f4";

# Basic color map, feel free to edit:

my @cols = qw(000000 cc6666
	      33cc66 cc9933
	      3366cc cc33cc
	      33cccc cccccc
	      666666 ff6666
	      66ff66 ffff66
	      6699ff ff66ff
	      33ffff ffffff);

# Full reset

print "\033c" if $args =~ s/-r//;

# Select font

print "\033]50;#$1\007" if $args =~ s/-f(\d)//;

# Parse the 'black' value

my @ofs = map hex, $args =~ /([0-9a-f]{2})/gi;
if(@ofs>3) {
    $ofs[$_] = $ofs[$_] + rand($ofs[$_+3]-$ofs[$_])
	for 0..2;

for my $i(0..15) {
    my $c = $cols[$i];
    my $Z;
    $c =~ s{..}{
	my $a = hex $&;
	my $b = $ofs[$Z++];
	sprintf("%02x", $a + $b - ($a*$b)/255);
    printf "\033[%d;3%dm(%d)", $i/8, $i&7, $i if $args =~ /show/;
    print "\033]4;$i;#$c\007";
    print "\033]11;#$c\007" if !$i;   # 0 is also 'background color'
    print "\033]10;#$c\007" if $i==7; # 7 is also 'plain foreground color'